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Design books that feature my work


Logology by Victionary. Book Overview.
Zoom In Zoom Out by Victionary. Book Overview.
Nice To Meet You by Victionary. Book Overview.
Print and Production Finishes for Promotional Items curated by Scott Witham. RotoVision.
Innovation in Logo Design curated by Charlotte Rivers. RotoVision.
Around Europe Promotion curated by Juland Barcelona Vienna. Indexbook.
Select C  - Design from Spain. Indexbook.
New Papers Pre Number 2009.
Point Structure. A Design For Freedom Product 2006.




I declare myself a lover of personal projects. 
I like custom bikes, synths & electronic music, videogames, Caravaggio, beach, Colours, almost all of them. Huge shiny displays with no finger prints on them!
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Made in Fjord. 2011-2016

Since joining Fjord in 2011 I have worked on numerous projects including Audi, Banc Sabadell, Unicredit, SONY, Audi, Parsifal Entertainment, Telefonica, Globo Media, BBVA, Barclays. Pitched for BBVA Kids, SEAT, Fon, Nespresso, Replay and Iberia.
At Fjord New York I have pitched with success for Wyndham hotels and Celebrity Cruises.

Awards working at Fjord:
Telefonica Multiscreen Project. TV Connect Industry Awards. Best Multiscreen Service. Fjord Madrid
Globo Media. Tela Viva Móvel 2013 Award. the most outstanding in the “Photo, TV and video” category. Fjord Madrid


JWT Madrid. 2008-2011

I worked as  Interactive Supervisor at JWT Madrid.
Clients: Kellog’s, Coronita, Shiseido, Rolex, Nars, Ballantine’s, Freixenet, Shell, Nestlė, Frigo.

View my Cargo portfolio


Design People Studio / Madrid

I’ve been running my own design studio for more than 15 years. Based in Madrid and working together with a small team in digital and print.

Design People Studio got to be featured in many design publications as well as linked in well known design blogs.

DPS/MAD 2006    2005-2011   Internet Wayback Machine (Proud news editor)    2000-2008    IWM    2000-2005   IWM


Internet articles & collaborations

Proud news editor at Computerlove.
Included at Curated list.
Featured at K10K. Yes, Kaliber 10000.
Featured at Three Oh.
Featured at Australian In Front.
Featured at Surfstation.
Featured at Deskforce.
Featured at Yes “Dformshiftfunct” was once a blog.
Design For Freedom Project - Release Three. IDFF.
Candy Magazine. Issue 2.
Featured at Lost at E-Minor.
Featured at Holodeck.
Computer Love Poster Design Contest. Winner, 2004.
Computer Love Poster Design Contest. Winner, 2005.
Psychotypographic Exhibition @ Madinspain. 2007.


They say

"Alex has worked with numerous high profile clients creating some of the most beautiful and inspiring work to be produced by any of the Fjord studios. His experience prior to Fjord I feel are invaluable and give him a unique perspective enabling him to draw inspiration from many sources outside UI design. By his peers he is seen as master of his craft and I look forward to having more opportunities to see Alex shine." 

Brian McLaughlin. Design Director at Fjord NYC.


“The more times I produce Candy the more I realise that certain things I used to consider as integral to success aren’t necessarily the way I thought. Scale isn’t important, accessibility is.

Quantity of work isn’t the key, it’s quality and intent that shine through. Ambition will get you certain places but sheer hard work and belief will ensure you make your mark on this world of ours. 

Design People are 2 people working out of Madrid in Spain with their sights firmly set on worldwide fame. What’s more, with their work ranging from the delicate illustration through to heavily typographic and photographic trickery their armery is as strong as an armadillo’s.

Prepare to be seduced.”

Richard SEABROKE - Candy Collective

“Retour sur le travail du studio Madrilène Design People (Alex Canada & Maria Monferrer). Un duo talentueux, souvent copié mais jamais égalé.”

Loic SATTLER - [lsd] Lysergid





My Design Heroes

Michael C. Place. Build.
David Rondell. Hello Hikimori.
Kjell Ekhorn & Jon Forss. Non Format.
Nathan Flood.

Aitor Throup
Walter Van Beirendonck
Alexander McQueen





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Photo by Sebas Ribas
Code by In Your Mind & Jon Broun
Audio by The Complexity


Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You'll find what you need to furnish it - memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey.